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PartnerMassage - Partner Massage - Paarmassage
Massage training for a couple
You will learn a wonderful, relaxing, fullbody massage.
You get to know, how you can help your partner to "get away from it all"
and find back to his/her balance.
HDid you ever dream to reach home after a tough working day and get from your partner a relaxing massage to recover from all the tension?
No problem, you can learn it !!!

The course is desined only for one single couple (no matter in which constellation of males and females).
The main goal is to learn by hands-on experience the needed techniques to give your partner a relaxing massage. You get tips and tricks how to massage at your place (without professional tools) and info including a script about lots of topics around massage. usw..
The training is very efficient
  • we loose no time with big classes
  • you learn with your speed
  • I can answer your individual questions
  • it can be learned more in less time with less costs
  • the training can be held at your place
         (e.g. you have kids)
  • Choose the location:
  • at your place
  • at my place

  • Training-Details
    can be arranged individually on weekday evenings or saturday or sunday.
    9 hours (1 x 6 and 1 x 3 or 3 x 3 hours; at 2 or 3 days/evenings)
    sFr. 400.- per person
    Script, Oil, etc.
    To bring with you
    1 big and 1 small cloth (to cover the body), 1 linen, comfortable clothes
    The training is thought for healthy people and should help your wellness not healing.
    Here the general business rules (sorry only in german).
    optional costs
    if the course is at your place, it will cost additional sFr. 1.50 per Kilometer from my place to yours and back.

    per Tel: 076 457 89 09 or 044 400 26 22 or

    My qualification
  • Since 1989 in education with adults (course planning, creation and teaching)
  • 1989 intensive education "teach the teacher"
  • Since 1993 working as project leader
  • 1997 + 1998 education as "dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker" (incl. creation of courses and trainings)
  • Since 2000 working as teamleader incl. trainings for new employees and trainees
  • Since 2002 successful Massage practice (several techniques)
  • Since 2004 teacher at a bigger school, mainly swedish massage (groups)
  • trained "Erwachsenenbildner SVEB"
  • Example feedback from a IT-Training (summary):
    Extract from a testimonial 1994:

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