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On-Site Massages at your home, hotel, office, event

What do you need?
To perform a massage you need:
     3 meter by 1.5 meter space
     a quiet, warm and comfy room
everything else like table etc. I will bring with me.

Suitable for?
basically for everybody who does not have the chance or time to see me at my praxis:
     Mother / Father with child / pregnancy
     Business-Woman / Man
     person celebrating a special occasion
     Sportsmen (-women)

also convenient for a:
     beauty- or wellness day
     conference or meeting
     company party
     open day
What is this?
The massage does not take place at my location, but at a place you choose (on "your" site) like e.g.
     office, flat, hotel, business rooms, sport events

What happens then?
It happens the same as you would be at my praxis. I give massages with the same professional manner. You only have to care that you feel comfortable at the place you provide (light, heat, fragrance).

Please note, that only healthy people can be massaged.

See also official page www.mobile-wellness.ch
What about the costs?
Please see at official page www.mobile-wellness.ch
When is this possible?
 7 x 24 x 365

Massage on a massage-table:

onsite_chair (9K)

You are comfortalbe between 2 blankets on a professionel massage-table without any clothes or with underwear.

Part or whole body massages give you relaxation, regeneration and fortification and lead to a better quality of life.

Reiki, Polarity and Feetreflexology will be done with clothes.

Of course can techniques be mixed and used as you like and need it.

Chair Massage - Stuhl Massage:

onsite_chair (9K)

You are fully clothed and sit on a massag chair that is especially developed for such occaisons.

Highly effective I combine several techniques like sweedish, deep tissue, sports and traditional thai massage etc. with main focus on the neck, head, shoulders, hand and face.

In the USA and Germany this is well established.