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Deep tissue / swedish massage

The swedish massage can be given so you feel very relaxed and reduce your stress. You will reach mental calmness for example to recover from a stressful working day. You regain mental balance and your breath will be slower. You feel calm and serene and get new power.

Next to that, the positive influence to the blood circulation could help against cellulite. The lympfe will work better and organic pollutants will be transported faster out of the body. With techniques that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, aimed at releasing the chronic patterns of tension in the body.

    Your profit:
  • releasing deeply-held patterns of tension
  • remove toxins, tighten the skin
  • reduce stress, fortification immune system
  • improve your well-beeing
  • relax and smooth the muscles, activate joints
  • solve agglutinated tissues
  • increase blood and lymph circulation


Also possible, onsite at your place. mobile massages

Whole body - back - neck - head - face - hands - arms - feet - legs - abdomen - buttocks

Lavendula in the massage oil strengthen the nerves, calms and helps to relax.
       It can help induce sleep and restfullness, lift depression, balance, panic and exhaustion.

Did you know ...that the massaged gains the most when he reaches the "alpha" state.

The activity of the brain: can be recognised by electronic waves. The different states reach from a deep sleep (delta) up to heavy, stressfull enragement (beta).

Alpha-State: The human ist awake but in a status of relaxation that is full of calmness, harmony and balance. In this state, creativity, phantasie is advantaged and solving problems should be easy. Both sides of the brain are active. Characteristic are comfy feelings, calm, fluent thinking, positive emotions and a feeling of integration of body and mind. Alphawaves is a stabalizing force.

Interessant: Pro Sekunde prasseln über 11 Millionen Informationseinheiten auf uns bzw. unsere Sinnesorgane hernieder. 10 Millionen dieser Informationen gelangen über das Auge (visuell) an unser Zentralnervensystem und etwa 1 Million tut dies über das Ohr (auditiv). Nur jeweils ca. 20 - 100 Reize nehmen wir durch Geruch (olfaktorisch), unsere Haut oder unseren Geschmack (Zunge, Gaumen usw.) entgegen. Obwohl am Schluss nur ca. 10 - 100 Einheiten wirklich wahrgenommen werden, müssen wir uns um alle kümmern. Bei geschlossenen Augen müssen also 10 Millionen Informationseinheiten pro Sekunde weniger ausgefiltert werden und man kann sich so besser in den Alpha-Zustand bringen.

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